Professional Dance Media

We have spent over a decade photographing dance and are the best dance show media company in New England. We photograph nearly 40 shows every year! We’ve experienced everything, from big budget shows with cinematic lighting, to small K-12 recitals for local children. Ask us for photography or videography!

We have photographed at nearly every dance stage possible in a 50 mile radius of Boston, Massachusetts. From Worcester to Lynn to Brockton. Sometimes, we even travel to NYC and New Jersey for shows. We are the official photographers for ELEMENTS, the largest hip hop dance show on the East Coast.

Live Show Photography

Show photography is our expertise. We understand how difficult this is. Most people simply aren’t equipped or experienced in this to take bright, sharp photos of the performers on stage. Whether it’s a small family recital on a high school stage or a large, sponsored production show, your photos will always come out the best they can be. Check out these samples from all budget ranges!

Glamour Photoshoots

We provide photoshoots for commercial and advertisement purposes. You can schedule a few hours to get the perfect images to use to promote your event or product!