Weddings & Engagements

We offer affordable wedding photography rates while delivering top-notch quality. Being a sports photographer, we use only the very best equipment to photograph weddings. Our cameras are designed for high speed photography even in dark circumstances! No matter what the conditions, we will always consistently do the best work. We understand that not every wedding is held in a beautiful sunny location. Often they’re indoors, in a dark church, or stormy weather conditions can unexpectedly move the wedding inside. We get it. We’re from Boston.

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Here are examples of our weddings in various weather conditions: indoors and outdoors. Ask us for more information!


Herrington on the Bay, Maryland.

This beautiful couple were supposed to be wed on the beach overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, at the famous wooden arch at Herrington on the Bay.

However, flash flooding and gusty winds changed our plans, as Hurricane Florence suddenly appeared. An hour before the wedding, we decided to move the wedding indoors, which almost threw us off guard.

However, we did the best we could. We did all the pre-wedding and First Look photoshoots inside the bride’s hotel living room, moving aside all the furniture to make space, resulting in these fabulous shots.

Take a look!

St. Michael’s Cathedral, Springfield, Massachusetts.

This was a fun little wedding to shoot!

Unfortunately, the ceremony was held in a dark cathedral, so we ended up bringing lights and making the best of our situation. Don’t be fooled by the well-lit photos. We were shooting at extremely high sensitivity, which on most cameras, would create impossibly grainy photos.

But with some Photoshop magic and careful shooting, we were able to make clean, sharp photos of the ceremony!

Harvard Arboretum, Boston, Massachusetts.

Here’s a shoot of a lovely couple getting engaged. We decided to go to a beautiful park in Boston, but because we were only able to set a time late in the day, we were in a race against time.

The setting sun only gave us about an hour of good lighting, but we were able to take some great shots in the dim light.

Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois.

Great pre-wedding shoot in the beautiful Chicago Botanic Gardens.

The weather was really hot, so we had to slow it down so the couple didn’t over-heat and sweat in the sun. Sometimes the sun was too bright and causing unwanted shadows, so we played around with the shadows or simply went into shaded areas.

I made sure to have the sun at their backs, so their faces were nicely lit.

The Best Wedding Photography Experience

Look no further! These images speak for themselves and you can see the fine workmanship and detail that we put into our craft.